E-Commerce has become an accepted and trusted method of commodity exchange in today’s business sector. It refers to the buying and selling of goods via the World Wide Web; the “e” for electronic and “commerce” referring to the exchange of goods and services. 
e-Commerce is a popular and profitable channel, individuals now using the Internet to meet their purchasing needs. Today, consumers can purchase almost anything online, e-Commerce making many day-to-day functions readily accessible and convenient. Additionally, the development of e-Commerce lead to online banking and financial management, simplifying traditional commerce procedures.
As the internet is a preferred medium for consumers to browse, compare and purchase products, an e-Commerce solution is vital for the success of a modern business. 
Is your business e-Commerce equipped? In today’s web driven society, you can’t afford not to be. e-Commerce benefits:
e-Commerce will benefit your business in numerous ways. A successful e-Commerce plan will arise from a number of factors including accessibility, simplicity and functionality. A tailored e-Commerce solution will ensure your online business is:

  •  Reliable
  •  Functional
  •  User Friendly
  •  Adaptable
  •  Scalable

To be successful in online marketing , a website must rank well in search engines and attract the most relevant customer inquiries. Before your website can implement a successful e-Commerce solution, it must include proven online marketing techniques, such as search engine optimization to direct traffic toward the site; resulting in product purchase. 
As consumers are turning to the internet to purchase products, it is vital that once consumers have found your website, it is equipped for their needs.  e-Commerce functions on a website will enhance and invite consumers to purchase products online, ensuring a successful marketing campaign. e-Commerce makes the exchange of goods and services accessible and simple for both parties.  Our e-Commerce solution aims to address consumer needs, whilst tracking changes to update businesses instantly. Our e-Commerce model is flexible and easily adapted, making it suitable for any business model. The benefits are endless, We offering a customized e-Commerce solution, tailored to you.
e-Commerce Solution
Our e-Commerce solution, is designed to complement traditional sales processes and systems and provide a reliable, simple and safe web environment for online sales. We offer customers a convenient, user friendly purchasing system, which simplifies the buying and selling process making customers want to return.  The shopping system includes features such as:

  •  An Online Shopping Cart
  •  Secure Credit Card Facility (SSL)
  • Electronics Funds Transfer (EFT)- both fax order and direct debit with EFT.
  •  Online and Offline Payment Options
  •  Customised Data Collection & Reporting
  •  Automated Electronic Invoice & Receipts System
  •  PayPal ® Payment Options in Multiple Currencies.
  •  Payment Gateway Interface

In addition to these features, your tailored e-Commerce solution could include:

  • Freight and Order Management
  • Member Accounts and Subscription Options
  • Integration with Inventory Management, Accounting, Email Marketing Systems and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)


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